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Execution of a document or endorsement by a person unable to write

(1) If a person is unable to execute any document relating to a security, or to make endorsement thereon, he may apply to the Executive Magistrate to execute the document, or make endorsement on his behalf and subject to such person producing sufficient documentary evidence about his identity, and satisfying the Executive Magistrate 'that such person has understood the implications of such execution or endorsement, as the case may be, the Executive Magistrate may do so on his behalf in the manner as provided in sub-regulation (2).

(2) Where any such document is to be executed or an endorsement is to be made by an Executive Magistrate under this regulation on behalf of any person, the Executive Magistrate shall execute the document or make the endorsement in the presence of that person, and shall record below such document or endorsement, a certificate to the effect that the document was executed or the endorsement was made, as the case may be, at the request of that person, after explaining him the implications of such execution or endorsement, and that he is satisfied that such person has fully understood the explanation so made to him.

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