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Disposal of application for grant of information or inspection

(1) If the applicant asks for any information in respect of Government security which has been renewed, converted, consolidated, sub-divided otherwise than in the name of the person who has renewed, converted, consolidated or sub-divided, or asks for inspection of such security, or any register or book kept or maintained by the Bank or its agent in respect thereof or of any entry of such Government security in such register or book, the application shall be refused.

(2) In other cases, other than the cases referred to in sub-regulation (1), the Bank or its agent may, subject to the provisions hereinafter mentioned, grant a certified copy of an endorsement on a Government security or an entry in any register or book maintained or kept by that office relating to any Government security, on being satisfied that the security in question has stood in the name of the applicant, or of a person in whom the applicant has a representative interest, and further that the applicant has a bona fide interest in the security in respect of which the application is made:

Provided that if the Government security has been cancelled on payment of the due thereof, no copy of endorsement thereon shall be granted which purports to give a title subsequent to the termination of the applicant's interest in the Government security.

(3) If the application relates to the grant of permission for inspection of an interest warrant or information relating to payment of interest for a specific half-year or half-years, the information may be granted by the Bank, provided that the applicant was the person to whom interest was paid or has a bonafide interest in the same.

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