Section 14   [ View Judgements ]

Publication of list

(1) The list referred to in sub-regulation (4) of regulation 11 shall, as soon as possible, be published in the Gazette of India or in the Official Gazette of the State concerned, as the case may be.

(2) The list referred to in sub-regulation (1) may contain the following particulars, namely:-

(a) the nomenclature of the loan;

(b) the security number;

(c) the value of the security;

(d) the person to whom the security was issued;

(e) the date from which the security bears interest;

(f) the interest warrant number and coupon details;

(g) the date of coupon;

(h) the name of the applicant for a duplicate;

(i) the number and the date of the order passed by the Bank for payment of the interest or issue of a duplicate; and

(j) date and particulars of the Official Gazette in which it was notified by the applicant.

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