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General Provisions.-Filling, possession, import and transport of cylinders

(1) No person shall fill any cylinder with any compressed gas or import, possess or transport any cylinder so filled or intended to be filled with such gas unless:--

(a) such cylinder and its valve have been constructed to a type and standard specified in Schedule I as amended from time to time by an order issued by the Chief Controller;

(b) the test and inspection certificates issued by the inspection authority in respect of cylinder and its valve are made available to the Chief Controller and prior approval of the said authority is obtained.

(2) The test and inspection certificates required to be obtained from the inspecting authority in respect of cylinders and valves inspected and certified by it in accordance with the approved design and specification or code shall give the information included in Schedule II.

(3) "Form" means a Form as given in the Second Schedule;

(a) the cylinder has passed the hydrostatic test or hydrostatic stretch test, as the case may be, within the period specified in these rules and the pressure applied during the test shall be the test pressure marked on the cylinder;

(b) the cylinder is not filled with-

(i) any liquefiable gas in excess of the filling ratio specified in IS:3710;

(ii) any permanent has at a pressure in escess of the pressure for which the cylinder is designed;

(c) a separate record of the cylinder tested and filled is maintained at the filling station;

(d) the filled cylinders are removed from the filling station and shipped off as expeditiously as possible.

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