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General precautions

(1) Cylinders together with their valves and other fittings and the fittings and the identification colours under these rules shall always be maintained in good condition.

(2) No oil or similar lubricant shall be used on any valves or other fittings of any cylinder.

(3) Save as provided in Rules 12 and 41, no cylinder shall be subjected to any heat treatment or exposed to a high temperature or to the Sun or stored with any other flammable or explosive material.

(4) Every cylinder containing compressed gas shall have its valve securely closed to as to prevent leakage. Valves fitted to the cylinders containing Liquefied Petroleum Gas and highly toxic gases like Boron Trifluoride, Carbon Monoxide, Fluorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Cynogen Chloride, Chlorine Trifluoride, Hydrogen Cynide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methyl Bromide, Nitrogen Tetroxide, Chlorine Ammonia or Sulphur Dioxide shall be provided with security nut on the outlet to act as a secondary means of safeguard against leakage of gas.

(5) If a leak in the valve cannot be rectified by tightening the gland nut or the spindle, the cylinder shall be removed to an open space where it is least dangerous to life and property and the filler shall be informed.

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