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(1) If, at any time before the counting of votes is completed, any ballot papers used at a polling station are unlawfully taken out of the custody of the opinion poll commissioner or are accidentally or intentionally destroyed or lost or are damaged or tampered with, to such an extent that the result of the opinion poll at that polling station cannot be ascertained, the opinion poll commissioner shall forthwith report the matter to the Chief Election Commissioner.

(2) Thereupon the Chief Election Commissioner shall, after taking all material circumstances into account, either-

(a) direct that the counting of votes be stopped, declare the opinion poll at that polling station to be void, appoint a day, and fix the hours, for taking a fresh opinion poll at that polling station and notify the day so appointed and hours so fixed in such manner as he may deem fit, or

(b) if satisfied that the result of a fresh opinion poll at that polling station will not, in any way, affect the result of the opinion poll, issue such directions to the opinion poll commissioner as he may deem proper for the resumption and completion of the counting and for the further conduct and completion of the opinion poll in relation to which the votes have been counted.

(3) The provisions of this Act and any rules or orders made thereunder shall apply to every such fresh opinion poll as they apply to the-original opinion poll.

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