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1 Establishment and constitution of the Forward Markets Commission

(1) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette establish a Commission to be called the Forward Markets Commission for the purpose of exercising such functions and discharging such duties as may be assigned to the Commission by or under this Act.

(2) The Commission shall consist of not less than two, [2] [but not exceeding [four]], members appointed by the Central Government [3] [one of them being nominated by the Central Government to be the Chairman thereof; and the Chairman and the other member or members shall be either whole-lime or part-time as the Central Government may direct]:

[4] [Provided that the members to be so appointed shall be persons of ability, integrity and standing who have shown capacity in dealing with problems relating to commerce or commodity markets, or in administration or who have special knowledge or practical experience in any matter, which renders them suitable for appointment on the Commission.]

(3) No person shall be qualified for appointment as, or for continuing to be, a member of the Commission if he has, directly or indirectly, any such financial or other interest as is likely to affect prejudicially his functions as a member of the Commission, and every member shall, whenever required by the Central Government so to do, furnish to it such information as it may require for the purpose of securing compliance with the provisions of this sub-section.

(4) No member of the Commission shall hold office for a period of more than three years from the date of his appointment, and a member relinquishing his office on the expiry of his term shall be eligible for reappointment.

(5) The other terms and conditions of service of members of the Commission shall be such as may be prescribed.


1. The Commission wax established by Section R.O. 1944, dated 2-9-1953,

2. Substituted for 'but not exceeding three' by the Forward Contracts (Regulation) Amendment Act, 1960 (62 of 1960), Section 4 (28-12-1960).

3. Substituted for certain words by the Forward Contracts (Regulation) Amendment Act. 1953 (46 of 1953). Section 2 (23-12-1953).

4. Substituted for original proviso, ibid.

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