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5. Fee. -  (1) Every application for a licence to import shall be accompanied by the fee specified in the Schedule.

(2) The mode of deposit of fee shall be as specified in the Schedule.

(3) No fee shall be payable in respect of any application made by

(a) The Central Government, a State Government or any department or any office of the Government;

(b) Any local authority for the bonafide import of goods required by it for official use;

(c) Any institution set up for educational, charitable or missionary purposes for the import of goods required for its use;

(d) An applicant for the import of any goods (other than a vehicle) if the import of the goods is for his personal use which is not connected with trade or manufacture.

(4) The fee once received will not be refunded except in the following circumstances, namely:-- (i) Where the fee has been deposited in excess of the specified scale of fee; or

(ii) Where the fee has been deposited but no application has been made; or

(iii) Where the fee has been deposited in error but the applicant is exempt from payment of fee.

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