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Procedure of taking extracts of documents and matters connected therewith

2.2.1: Manner of taking extracts

1. Where the Food Safety Officer has seized any books of account and other relevant relevant documents in exercise of powers conferred upon him under sub-section (6) of section 38 of the Act, he shall return the same to the person from whom they were seized within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of such seizure

Provided that before returning the books of account and other documents, the Food Safety Officer shall be entitled for copies thereof or extracts there from, as the case may be.

2. On receipt of such communication from the Food Safety Officer, the person from whom the books of account and documents were seized shall provide the copies or extracts as the case may be, duly authenticated by the Food Business Operator.

3. The extracts shall be taken by the Food Safety Officer or by any person authorized by him.

4. The person making the extracts shall not in any manner cause dislocation, mutilation, tampering or damage to the records in the course of making extracts.

5. The person making extracts shall not make any marking on any record or paper.

2.2.2: Affidavit

1. The extracts or the copies referred to in Rule 2.2.1 above, shall be initialled on each page of such extracts or copies by the person from whom the books of account and other documents were seized and such extracts or copies so authenticated shall be provided to the Food Safety Officer, accompanied by an Affidavit in Form I of the person from whom the books of account and other documents were seized, certifying the authenticity of such extracts or copies.

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