for example: TATA AIG

  for example: Indian Contract Act

  for example: Ratan Tata

  for example: Negotiable Instruments Act

Section 3   [ View Judgements ]


(1) This Act shall not apply in relation to vacancies, -

(a) in any employment in agriculture (including horticulture) in any establishment in private sector other than employment as agricultural or farm machinery operatives:

(b) in any employment in domestic service:

(c) in any employment the total duration of which is less than three months;

(d) in any employment to do unskilled office work:

(e) in any employment connected with the staff of Parliament.

(2) Unless the Central Government otherwise directs by notification in the Official Gazette in this behalf, this Act shall hot also apply in relation to-

(a) vacancies which are proposed to be filled through promotion or by absorption of surplus staff of any branch or department of the same establishment or on the result of any examination conducted or interview held by, or on the recommendation of, any independent agency, such as the Union or a State Public Service Commission and the like;

(b) vacancies in any employment which carries a remuneration of less than sixty rupees in a month.

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