"The slaughter of wild elephants, chiefly of males, whose tusks have reached a marketable size but in some localities of both males and

females, is being extensively practised in British Burma. To prevent this wholesale and indiscriminate destruction - which, if unchecked, must ultimately lead to the extinction of breed,- the present Bill has been framed. The provisions of this Bill are very similar to those of Madras Act 1 of 1873, from which it differs more in form and arrangement than in substance. In common with the Madras Act it prohibits, under penalty, the destruction of wild elephants, except in certain cases, and it provides for the grant of licences for shooting wild male elephants upon waste or forest lands the property of Government, and for the making of rules as to the grant and renewal of such licences. It differs, however, from the Madras Act in omitting the provision of that Act permitting the destruction of wild male elephants upon private waste or forest lands, as there are no private proprietors of forest land in British Burma, and where waste lands have been granted there are no elephants." - Gazette of India, 1878, Pt. V, p. 199.

An Act for the preservation of wild elephants. Preamble Whereas it is expedient to provide for the preservation of wild elephants; It is hereby enacted as follows:-

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