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Section 2   [ View Judgements ]

Amendment of Schedule I

In the Diplomatic and Consular Officers (Fees) Rules, 1949, for Schedule-I the following shall be added as clause U:-

Matter in respect of which an additional fee is leviable in

Scale of Fee (in Rs.) Rounded off in local currency

11 (i) Passport, Visa, OCI and PIO cards

Rs. 100 per document

(ii) Attestation of employment

Rs. 100 per worker

(iii) Attestation of other documents and Other Misc. consular services (other than in death cases)

Rs. 100 per worker

Note : Principal rules published vide Notification No. 420-Con., dated 8th November, 1949 and subsequently amended by :-

(i) Notification No. GS.R 1977, dated 14-11-1967

(ii) Notification No. GS.R. 817(E), dated 13-10-1976

(iii) Notification No. GS.R 326(E), dated2-4-1979

(iv) Notification No. GS.R. 862(E),dated 1-11-1985

(v) Notification No. GS.R. 688(E), dated 15-10-1993

(vi) Notification No. GS.R. 712(E),dated 18-11-1993

(vii) Notification No. GS.R. 912(E), dated20-12-2001

(viii) Notification No. GS.R. 256(E), dated 28-3-2007

(ix) Notification No. GS.R. 541(E), dated9-8-2007

(x) Notification No. GS.R 752(E), dated 15-10-2009

(xi) Notification No. GS.R. 398(E), dated 12-5-2010

(xii) Notification No. GS.R. 254(E), dated 23-3-2011

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