for example: TATA AIG

  for example: Indian Contract Act

  for example: Ratan Tata

  for example: Negotiable Instruments Act


(1) On the day fixed or on any other day to which the hearing may be adjourned, the appellant shall be heard in support of the appeal. The Securities Appellate Tribunal shall, then, if necessary, hear the Board or its authorised representative against the appeal, and in such case the appellant shall be entitled to reply. During the course of the hearing of appeal the written arguments could be supplemented by time-bound oral arguments.

(2) In case the appellant does not appear in person or through an authorised representative when the appeal is called for hearing, the Securities Appellate Tribunal may dispose of the appeal on merits: Provided that where an appeal has been disposed of as provided above and the appellant appears afterwards and satisfies the Securities Appellate Tribunal that there was sufficient cause for his not appearance, when the appeal was called for hearing, the Securities Appellate Tribunal shall make an order setting aside the ex-parte order and restore the appeal.

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