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Where any suit or application purporting to be under the Dekkhan Agriculturists' Relief Act, 1879, as re-enacted by the Bombay Agricultural Debtors Relief Act, 1947 (herein¬after referred to as the said Act), was instituted or made on the 27th day of May, 1950 and is pending in the commencement of this Act, the institution or the making of such suit or application shall, notwithstanding anything contained in section 56 of the Bombay Agricultural Debtors Act, 1947, not be deemed to be invalid solely on the ground that the suit or application was not instituted or made, as the case may be, before the expiry of the said Act on the 26th day of May, 1950.

Explanation :— For the purposes of this section, a suit or application pending at the commencement of this Act includes a suit or application in respect of which an appeal or an application for revision lies or is pending at the commencement of this Act.

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