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Section 10   [ View Judgements ]

Amendment of section 11C

Section 11C of the Central Excises Act shall be renumbered as sub-section (1) thereof, and after sub-section (1) as so renumbered, the following sub-section shall be inserted, namely :--

"(2) Where any notification under sub-section (1) in respect of any goods has been issued, the whole of the duty of excise paid on such goods, or, as the case may be, the duty of excise paid in excess of attachment payable on such goods, which would not have been paid if the said notification had been in force, shall be refunded in accordance with the said notification:

Provided that the person claiming the refund of such duty or, as the case may be, excess duty, makes an application in this behalf to the Assistant Collector of Central Excise before the expiry of six months from the date of issue of the said notification and proves to the satisfaction of the Assistant Collector or Central Excise that the incidence of such duty had not been passed on to any other person.".

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