Section Title

Chapter I           Preliminary
  1 Short Title, Extent and Commencement. View Judgements
  1A Definition of "Appropriate Government". View Judgements
  2 Repealed. View Judgements

Chapter II           Fees in the High Court and in the Courts of small causes at the Presidency-Towns
  3 Levy of fees in High Courts on their original sides Levy of fees in Presidency Small Cause Courts. View Judgements
  4 Fees on documents filed, etc., in High Courts in their extraordinary jurisdiction; in their appellate jurisdiction; as Courts of reference and revision. View Judgements
  5 Procedure in case of difference as to necessity or amount of fee. View Judgements

Chapter III           Fees in other courts and in public offices
  6 Fees on documents filed, etc., in Mofussil Courts or in public offices. View Judgements
  7 Computation of fees payable in certain suits; for money; for maintenance and annuities; for other moveable property having a market-value; for moveable property of no market value; to enforce a right to share in joint family property; for a declaratory decree and consequential relief; for an injunction; for easements; for accounts; for possession of land, houses and gardens; proviso as to Bombay Presidency; for houses and gardens; to enforce a right of pre-emption; for interest of assignee of land-revenue; to set aside an attachment; to redeem; to foreclose; for specific performance; between landlord and tenant. View Judgements
  8 Fee on memorandum of appeal against order relating to compensation. View Judgements
  9 Power to ascertain nett profits or market-value. View Judgements
  10 Procedure where nett profits or market-value wrongly estimated. View Judgements
  11 Procedure in suits for mesne profits or account when amount decreed exceeds amount claimed. View Judgements
  12 Decision of questions as to valuation. View Judgements
  13 Refund of fee paid on memorandum of appeal. View Judgements
  14 Refund of fee on application for review of judgment. View Judgements
  15 Refund where Court reverses or modified its former decision on ground of mistake. View Judgements
  16 Repealed. View Judgements
  17 Multifarious suits. View Judgements
  18 Written examinations of complainants. View Judgements
  19 Exemption of certain documents. View Judgements

Chapter IIIA           Probates, letters of administration and certificates of administration
  19A Relief where too high a court-fee has been paid. View Judgements
  19B Relief where debts due from a deceased person have been paid out of his estate. View Judgements
  19C Relief in case of several grants. View Judgements
  19D Probates declared valid as to trust-property though not covered by court-fee. View Judgements
  19E Provision for case where to low court-fee has been paid on probates, etc. View Judgements
  19F Administrator to give proper security before letters stamped under section 19E. View Judgements
  19G Executors, etc., not paying full court-fee on probates, etc., within six months after discovery of under-payment. View Judgements
  19H Notice of applications for probate or letters of administration to be given to Revenue-authorities, and procedure thereon. View Judgements
  19I Payment of court-fees in respect of probates and letters of administration. View Judgements
  19J Recovery of penalties, etc. View Judgements
  19K Sections 6 and 28 not to apply to probates or letters of administration. View Judgements

Chapter IV           Process Fees
  20 Rules as to cost of processes Confirmation and publication of rules. View Judgements
  21 Tables of process fees. View Judgements
  22 Number of peons in District and subordinate Courts, Number of peons in Mofussil Small Cause Courts. View Judgements
  23 Number of peons in Revenue Courts. View Judgements
  24 Repealed. View Judgements

Chapter V           Of the Mode of Levying fees
  25 Collection of fees by stamps. View Judgements
  26 Stamps to be impressed or adhesive. View Judgements
  27 Rules for supply, number, renewal and keeping account of stamps. View Judgements
  28 Stamping documents inadvertently received. View Judgements
  29 Amended document. View Judgements
  30 Cancellation of Stamps. View Judgements

Chapter VI           Miscellaneous
  31 Repealed. View Judgements
  32 Repealed. View Judgements
  33 Admission in criminal cases of documents for which proper fees has not been paid. View Judgements
  34 Sale of stamps. View Judgements
  35 Power to reduce or remit fees. View Judgements
  36 Saving of fees to certain officers of High Courts. View Judgements

  Schedule I Ad volorem Fees. View Judgements
  Schedule II Fixed Fees. View Judgements
  Schedule III Form of Valuation. View Judgements

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