Integrates with various platforms. Can plug-in data, right into your own online / offline system!

Enterprise Case Manager

Manage your cases, record them with case dates, roznama, various other information in our Case Manager. Link judgements to cases, get LIVE status updates, etc. Link clients to cases, and even set SMS alerts for clients for case dates, etc.

markMyIP - Intellectual Property

Trademark and IP management tool with auto-alerts and automatically managed workflow! Pre-sourced and ready-to-use, custom for your firm! Watcher, Tracker, Similarity Index and a LOT more!

Auto Sourced Data

Auto sourced data for cases stored in your account. This data may include listing dates, orders, etc for your specific courts. Auto data is updated at regular intervals and alerts are also provided to you on SMS for specific updates.

Board Summary

Your entire team gets an E-Mail with your board summary, daily. The E-Mail version consists of more details, with remarks, etc, of the courts. Also, notices issued by courts are E-Mailed to you.

Notice & Pre-Litigation Management

Manage notices, track them and get alerted on action on notices. Pre Litigation can be linked with files, uploads, and has very nifty assistance tools. Also, arbitration and other items can be managed.

Legal Database - Gazettes, Notifications, Circulars, GRs, etc

Directories and reference materials! Various kinds of directories, like police station information with jurisdiction, Government Resolutions, Notifications, Circulars of various departments, Gazettes, etc.

Legal Dashboard & Analytics

Analytics and In-sights into your legal data. Each part links into an automated filter to get you access to your data in even better ways.

Custom Configurable Fields

Self customize your fields as per your requirements. Several ready formats available for specific industries, like Finance companies, Banks, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Manfuacturing, Pharma, etc

Cause Lists

Advance causelists alerts across various courts. Received daily and weekly SMSes for yourself and your staff.

Legal Document Management

Separate place for your uploads and attachment to cases v/s the auto sourced documents. Manage the uploaded documents and securely access at anytime from anywhere!

Indian Case Laws with unparalleled features

Your case laws or judgements can be linked to your cases, stored in a diary with your own topics and categories, with notes, etc. You can highlight parts of judgements, link the highlighted parts from the top of the page for future, print with or without highlights.


International and National judgements updated daily. Coverage of comparative citations of over 100 manuals, from all over India. Forward references in the most unique ways. Links to judgements and pop-up views, directly of paragraphs of referred judgements!


Manage your schedule. Cases dates added by you (or auto sourced by us), show up on your calendar automatically. Add more, or add personal appointments, events, etc on the calendar. Also, set SMS / E-Mail alerts for them. Share data with your team.

Ready Document Formats

Drafting made easy and time efficient! Ready, Precedent Document Formats on various fields of law, available in editable formats, with standardized clauses. You may edit as required and use.

Acts, Rules, Amendments, Forms

Indian Laws / Statutes / Acts, with their Amendments, and related Rules and Forms available for use and a click. Central acts, State acts and even local amendments of Central Acts.

Ready Topic-wise Judgement Diaries

Landmark decisions of courts, organized topic wise. Refer to each topic to see judgements on that topic. May save you the time of performing a search even!

MIS and Custom Reporting

Your reports, your way. Customize reports as per your need. Make as many as you like. Share them. Filter and Search through them and generate CUSTOM reports with no external dependency!

Customized Dashboard

One glimpse to rule them all. Use any of our ready pie / doughnut / bar charts to show you analytics of your choice. Alternatively, design and structure custom analytics and place them on your dashboard.

Legal Billing Management

Create Bills in GMS or Rupees. Legal Professional specific Finance system. Record payments, expenses, transactions, etc. Generate reports, or a balance sheet at a click!

Public Records Search

Companies - with GST numbers, ROC / MCA Records cross referenced with litigation & case records; Directors, Trademarks, with case information on each. More enhanced version of this data integrated data into your account.

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