Section 16   [ View Judgements ]

Inspection and certified copies of documents, papers, etc

(1) A party to any proceeding before the Tribunal may, subject to the provisions of the Act, on an application made by it or on its behalf, addressed to the Registrar, be allowed to inspect or obtain copies of pleadings and other documents or records in the proceedings on payment of fees and charges, as may be specified.

(2) An inspection shall be allowed only in the presence of the Registrar.

(3) Copies of the proceedings, required under sub-regulation (1) or (2), may be certified, as true copies, by the Registrar.

(4) Every duly authorized officer, not below the rank of Under Secretary to the Central Government or State Government or the Competition Commission of India shall, at all reasonable times, be entitled free of charge inspection of the file of proceedings of the Tribunal. The Tribunal shall furnish such copies or extracts to the aforesaid officers, as they may request in writing.

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