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Notwithstanding anything contained in section 4, a person shall not be entitled to have his name entered in, or borne on, the Register if he -

(a) Has not attained the age of twenty-one years at the time of his application for the entry of his name in the Register; or

(b) Is of unsound mind and stands so adjudged by a competent court; or

(c) Is an undischarged insolvent; or

(d) Being a discharged insolvent, has not obtained from the court a certificate stating that his insolvency was caused by misfortune without any misconduct on his part; or

(e) Has been convicted by a competent court, whether within or without India, of an offence involving moral turpitude and punishable with imprisonment or of an offence, not of a technical nature, committed by him in his professional capacity unless in respect of the offence committed he has either been granted a pardon or, on an application made by him in this behalf, the Central Government has, by an order in writing, removed the disability; or

(f) Has been removed from membership of the Institute on being found on inquiry to have been guilty of professional or other misconduct :

Provided that a person who has been removed from membership for a specified period shall not be entitled to have his name entered in the Register until the expiry of such period.

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