Section 35   [ View Judgements ]

Directions of the central government


(1) The Central Government may, from time to time, issue such directions to the Council as in the opinion of the Central Government are conducive to the fulfillment of the objects of this Act and in the discharge of its functions, the Council shall be bound to carry out any such directions.

(2) Directions issued under sub-section (1) may include directions to the Council to make any regulations or to amend or revoke any regulations already made.

(3) If, in the opinion of the Central Government, the Council has persistently committed default in giving effect to the directions issued under this section, the Central Government may, after giving an opportunity to the Council to state its case, by order, dissolve the Council, where after a new Council shall be constituted in accordance with the provisions of this Act with effect from such date as may be specified by the Central Government.

(4) Where the Central Government passes an order under sub-section (3) dissolving the Council, it may, pending the constitution of a new Council in accordance with the provisions of this Act, authorise any person or body of persons to take over the management of the affairs of the Institute and to exercise such functions as may be specified in this behalf by the Central Government.

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