Section 216   [ View Judgements ]

Insertion of new Schedule I A

After Schedule I to the principal Act, the following Schedule shall be inserted, namely:-


"SCHEDULE IA -See Section 6(c)



2.mother (including step-mother).

3.Son (including step-son).

4.Son's wife.

5.Daughter (including step-daughter).

6.Father's father.

7.Father's mother.

8.Mother's mother.

9.Mother's father.

10.Son's son.

11.Son's son's wife.

12.Son's daughter.

13.Son's daughter's husband.

14.Daughter's husband.

15.Daughter's son.

16.Daughter's son's wife.

17.Daughter's daughter.

18.Daughter's daughter's husband.

19.Brother (including step-brother).

20.Brother's wife.

21.Sister (including step-sister).

22.Sister's husband.

23.Husband's father.

24.Husband's mother.

25.Husband's sister.

26.Wife's father.

27.Wife's mother.

28.Wife's brother.

29.Wife's sister.

30.Wife's sister's husband.

31.Father's brother.

32.Father's sister.

33.Mother's brother.

34.Mother's sister.

35.Father's brother's wife.

36.father's sister's husband.

37.Mother's brother's wife.

38.Mother's sister's husband.

39.Brother's son.

40.Brother's son's wife.

41.Brother's daughter.

42.Sister's son.

43.Sister's daughter.

44.Father's brother's son.

45.Father's brother' daughter.

46.Father's sister's son.

47.Father's sister's daughter.

48.Mother's brother's son.

49.Mother's brother's daughter.".

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