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Fees in Schedule X to be paid.

611. Fees in Schedule X to be paid.
    1[(1)] In respect of the several matters mentioned in Schedule X, there shall, subject to the limitations imposed by that Schedule, be paid to the Registrar the several fees therein specified:

    Provided that no fees shall be charged in respect of the registration in pursuance of Part IX of a company, if it is not registered as a limited company, or if, before its registration as a limited company, the liability of the shareholders was limited by some other Act of Parliament or any other Indian law or by an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, Royal Charter or Letters Patent in force in India:

    2[Provided further that in the case of resolutions to which section 192 applies, not more than one fee shall be required for the filing of more resolutions than one passed in the same meeting if such resolutions are filed with the Registrar at the same time.]

    3[(2) Any document required or authorised by this Act to be filed or registered, or any fact required or authorised by this Act to be registered, with the Registrar on payment of the fee specified therefor in Schedule X, may, without prejudice to any other liability, be filed or registered after the time, if any, specified in this Act for its filing or registration on payment of such additional fee not exceeding ten times the amount of the fee so specified as the Registrar may determine.]

    1 Section 611 renumbered as sub-section (1) of that section by Act No. 65 of 1960.

    2 Inserted by Act No. 65 of 1960.

    3 Inserted by Act No. 65 of 1960. See Press note no. 2, dated 21st. March, 1995.

    Fees prescribed is as under.


    Fixed rates of additional fee under section 611(2) of the Companies Act, 1956

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