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Registration of prospectus.

605. Registration of prospectus.
    1[(1)] No person shall issue, circulate or distribute in India any prospectus offering for subscription shares in or debentures of a company incorporated or to be incorporated outside India, whether the company has or has not established, or when formed will or will not establish, a place of business in India, unless before the issue, circulation or distribution of the prospectus in India, a copy thereof certified by the chairman and two other directors of the company as having been approved by resolution of the managing body has been delivered for registration to the Registrar and the prospectus states on the face of it that a copy has been so delivered, and there is endorsed on or attached to the copy-

      (a) any consent to the issue of the prospectus required by section 604;

      (b) a copy of any contract required by clause 16 of Schedule II to be stated in the prospectus or, in the case of a contract not reduced into writing, a memorandum giving full particulars thereof; and

      (c) where the persons making any report required by Part II of Schedule II have made therein, or have, without giving the reasons, indicated therein, any such adjustments as are mentioned in clause 32 of that Schedule, a written statement signed by those persons setting out the adjustments and giving the reasons therefor.

    (2) The references in clause (b) of sub-section (1) to the copy of a 2[contract] required thereby to be endorsed on or attached to a copy of the prospectus shall, in the case of a contract wholly or partly in a language other than English, be taken as references to a copy of a translation of the contract in English or a copy embodying a translation in English of the parts which are not in English, as the case may be, being a translation certified in the prescribed manner to be a correct translation.

    1. Inserted by Act 36 of 1957, sec. 3 and Sch. II (w.e.f. 17-9-1957).

    2. Substituted by Act 36 of 1957, sec. 3 and Sch II, for "contractor" (w.e.f. 17-9-1957).

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