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Meaning of "unregistered company".

582. Meaning of "unregistered company".

For the purposes of this Part/ the expression "unregistered company"-

(a) shall not include-

(i) a railway company incorporated by any Act of Parliament or other Indian law or any Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom;

(ii) a company registered under this Act; or

(iii) a company registered under any previous companies law and not being a company the registered office whereof was in Burma, Aden or Pakistan immediately before the separation of that country from India 1[***]; and

(b) save as aforesaid shall include any partnership, association or company consisting of more than seven members 2[at the time when the petition for winding up the partnership, association or company, as the case may be, is presented before the 3[Tribunal].

1. Certain words omitted by Act 62 of 1956, sec. 2 and Sch. (w.e.f. 1-11-1956).

2. Ins. by Act 65 of 1960, sec. 192 (w.e.f. 28-12-1960).

3. Subs. by Act 11 of 2003, sec. 114, for "Court".

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