Section 441F   [ View Judgements ]

Penalty for non-payment of cess.

441F. Penalty for non-payment of cess.

    (1) If any cess payable by a company under section 441A is not paid in accordance with the provisions of that section, it shall be deemed to be in arrears and the same shall be recovered by the Tribunal in such manner as may be prescribed.

    (2) The Tribunal may, after such inquiry as it deems fit, impose on the company, which is in arrears under sub-section (1), a penalty not exceeding ten times the amount in arrears :

    Provided that before imposing such penalty, such company shall be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard, and if, after such hearing, the Tribunal is satisfied that the default was for any good and sufficient reason, no penalty shall be imposed under this sub-section.

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