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Winding up of sick industrial company.

424G. Winding up of sick industrial company.
    (1) Where the Tribunal, after making inquiry under section 424B and after consideration of all the relevant facts and circumstances and after giving an opportunity of being heard to all concerned parties, is of the opinion that the sick industrial company is not likely to make its net worth exceed the accumulated losses within a reasonable time while meeting all its financial obligations and that the company as a result thereof is not likely to become viable in future and that it is just and equitable that the company should be wound up, it may record its findings and order winding up of the company.

    (2) For the purpose of winding up of the sick industrial company, the Tribunal may appoint any officer of the operating agency, if the operating agency gives its consent, as the liquidator of such industrial company and the officer so appointed shall for the purpose of the winding up of such sick industrial company, be deemed to be, and have all the powers of, the official liquidator under this Act.

    (3) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (2), the Tribunal may cause to be sold the assets of the sick industrial company in such manner as it may deem fit and pass orders for distribution in accordance with the provisions of section 529A, and other provisions of this Act.

    (4) Without prejudice to the other provisions contained in this Act, the winding up of a company shall, as far as may be, concluded within one year from the date of the order made under sub-section (1).

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