Section 369   [ View Judgements ]

Loans to managing agent.


(1) No public company, and no private company which is a subsidiary of a public company, shall, directly or indirectly, make any loan to, or give any guarantee or provide any security in connection with a loan made by any other person to, or to any other person by, -

(a) its managing agent or any associate of its managing agent; or

(b) any body corporate in respect of which the Central Government, by order, declares that it is satisfied that the Board of directors, managing director, managing agent, secretaries and treasurers or manager thereof is accustomed to act in accordance with the directions or instructions of the managing agent, or associate of the managing agent, notwithstanding that the body corporate may not itself be an associate of the managing agent.

(2) Nothing contained in sub-section (1) or in section 295 shall apply to -

(a) any credit given by the company to its managing agent for the purpose of facilitating the company's business and held by such agent in his own name in one or more current accounts, subject to limits previously approved by the directors of the company and on no account exceeding twenty thousand rupees in the aggregate; or

(b) any lone made by a holding company to its subsidiary.

Explanation : Credit referred to in clause (a) of sub-section (2) is confined to any cash advance given by way of a permanent advance or imprest for facilitating the carrying on the companies business, transactions on such advance or imprest account being settled as far as possible on a monthly basis.

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