Section 366   [ View Judgements ]

Limit of compensation for loss of office.


The compensation which may be paid by a company to its managing agent for loss of office shall not exceed the remuneration which he would have earned if he had been in office for the unexpired residue of his term, or for three years, whichever is shorter, calculated on the basis of the average remuneration actually earned by him during a period of three years immediately preceding the date on which his office ceased or was terminated or where he held the office for a lesser period than three years, during such period :

Provided that in the event of the winding up of the company commencing, whether before, or at any time within twelve months after, the date of the cessation or termination of the office of managing agent, no compensation shall be payable to him if the assets of the company on the winding up, after deduction of the expenses thereof, are not sufficient to repay the share capital (including the premiums, if any), contributed by the members of the company.

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