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Commission, etc., of managing agent as buying or selling agent of other concerns.

359. COMMISSION, ETC., OF MANAGING AGENT AS BUYING OR SELLING AGENT OF OTHER CONCERNS.(1) A company in general meeting may, by resolution, authorise its managing agent or any associate of its managing agent to retain any commission or other remuneration earned or to be earned by such agent or associate as the agent, secretary or selling or buying agent of any firm, body corporate or other concern in respect of any goods, power, freight, repairs or other services, for the sale, purchase, supply or rendering of which a contract has been or is to be, entered into by such firm, body or concern with the company, provided the prices or amounts charged to or received by the company are at rates which are not less favourable to the company than the market rates or which are otherwise reasonable.

(2) Every contract so entered into and all particulars relating thereto shall be entered in a separate register maintained by the company for the purpose.

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