Section 309   [ View Judgements ]

Remuneration of directors.

(1) The remuneration payable to the directors of a company, including any managing or whole- time director, shall be determined, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of section 198 and this section, either by the articles of the company, or by a resolution or, if the articles so require, by a special resolution, passed by the company in general meeting 1 and the remuneration payable to any such director determined as aforesaid shall be inclusive of the remuneration payable to such director for services rendered by him in any other capacity: Provided that any remuneration for services rendered by any such director in any other capacity shall not be so included if-

(a) the services rendered are of a professional nature, and
(b) in the opinion of the Central Government, the director possesses the requisite qualifications for the practice of, the profession].



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