Section 44   [ View Judgements ]

Inspection of records

[Any person authorised in this behalf by the Central Government or by the Board or any member of the Board so authorised by the Chairman in writing or any officer of the Board, may enter at all reasonable times] any estate or any curing establishment [2] [or any place where coffee is stored or exposed for sale,] and may require the production for his inspection of any records kept therein, or ask for any information relating to the production, storage or sale of coffee [3] [***]


1. Substituted by Act 50 of 1954 , Section 20, for certain words (w.e.f. 1-8-1955).

2. Inserted by Act 7 of 1943 , Section 16 (w.e.f. 26-3-1943).

3. The words "by the estate" omitted by Act 7 of 1943 , Section 16 (w.e.f. 26-3-1943).

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