Section 31   [ View Judgements ]

General Fund

(1) To the general fund shall be credited:-

(a) all amounts paid to the Board by the Central Government under sub-section (1) of section 13; and

(b) any sums transferred to the general fund under the proviso to sub-section (2) of [2] [section 32; and]

[3] [(c) all fees levied and collected by the Board under this Act.]

(2) The general fund shall be applied:-

(a) to meet the expenses of the Board;

(b) to meet the cost of such measures as the Board may consider advisable to undertake for promoting agricultural and technological research in the interest of the coffee industry in India;

(c) for making such grants to coffee estates or for meeting the cost of such other assistance to coffee estates as the Board may think necessary for the development of such estates;

(d) to meet the cost of such measures as the Board considers advisable to undertake for promoting the sale and increasing the consumption in India and elsewhere of coffee produced in India; and

(e) to meet the expenses for securing better working conditions and the provision and improvement of amenities and incentives for workers.]


1. Substituted by Act 50 of 1954 , Section 18, for section 31 (w.e.f. 1-8-1955).

2. Substituted by Act 48 of 1961 , Section 10, for section 32 (w.e.f. 19-4-1962).

3. Inserted by Act 48 of 1961 , Section 10 (w.e.f. 19-4-1962).

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