Statement of Object

After the outbreak of the present war the Indian coffee industry lost certain important foreign markets. There was, therefore, a great slump in the prices of coffee. A Coffee Control Conference consisting of the interests affected was held in September 1940 to consider the steps that could be taken to save the industry from collapse. After full consideration of the recommendations made at the Conference, the Coffee Market Expansion Ordinance, 1940, was promulgated providing for the necessary assistance to the Indian coffee industry by regulating the export of coffee from, and the sale of coffee in, British India, and other connected means

2. The duration of the Ordinance was limited in order to make proposals for legislation after gaining experience and after ascertaining the wishes of the coffee interests in the matter

3. A second Coffee Control Conference of the coffee interests was accordingly convened on the 20th October, 1941. The Conference recognised that the control scheme has been greatly beneficial to the coffee industry in its present crisis and unanimously made the following recommendations:-

(1) that the control scheme as generally embodied in the Ordinance should be continued by legislation and that its duration be for the period of the war and one coffee crop year thereafter, and

(2) that the control should be limited to estates with area of 10 acres or more but provision should be made whereby control may be extended, if necessary, over estates with areas below 10 acres

These recommendations were endorsed by the Standing Advisory Committee of the Legislature attached to the Commerce Department

4. In view of the general agreement of all interests for the maintenance of the coffee control scheme it is proposed to continue control by legislation, and the present Bill is designed to achieve this object

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