Section 61   [ View Judgements ]

Amendment of Order XI

In the First Schedule, in Order XI,-

(i)in rule 6, for the words "or on any other ground", the words "or on the ground of privilege or any other ground" shall be substituted;

(ii)in rule 15, after the words "in whose pleadings or affidavits reference is made to any document,", the words "or who has entered any document in any list annexed to his pleadings," shall be inserted;

(iii)in rule 19, in sub-rule (2), the words "unless the document relates to matters of State" shall be inserted at the end;

(iv)rule 21 shall be re-numbered as sub-rule (1) of that rule, and,-

(a)in sub-rule (1) as so re-numbered, for the words "an order may be made accordingly", the words "an order may be made on such application accordingly, after notice to the parties and after giving them a reasonable opportunity of being heard" shall be substituted;

(b)after sub-rule (1) as so re-numbered, the following sub-rule shall be inserted, namely:-

"(2) Where an order is made under sub-rule (1) dismissing any suit, the plaintiff shall be precluded from bringing a fresh suit on the same cause of action.".

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