Section 51   [ View Judgements ]

Insertion of new sections 153A and 153B

After section 153 of the principle Act, the following sections shall be inserted, namely:-

"153A.Power to amend decree or order where appeal is summarily dismissed.- Where an Appellate Court dismisses an appeal under rule 11 of Order XLI, the power of the Court to amend, under section 152, the decree or order appealed against may be exercised by the Court which had passed the decree or order in the first instance, notwithstanding that the dismissal of the appeal has the effect of confirming the decree or order, as the case may be, passed by the Court of the first instance.

153B. Place of trial to be deemed to be open Court

The place in which any Civil Court is held for the purpose of trying any suit shall be deemed to be an open Court, to which the public generally may have access so far as the same can conveniently contain them:

Provided that the presiding Judge may, if he thinks fit, order at any stage of any inquiry into or trial of any particular case, that the public generally, or any particular person, shall not have access to, or be or remain in, the room or building used by the Court.".

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