(See section 3)

Matters to be provided for in the Coal Mines Provident Fund Scheme.

1. The employees or class of employees who shall join the Fund, the contributions payable to the Fund and the conditions under which an employee may be exempted from joining the Fund or from payment of contributions.

2. The payment of contributions to the Fund by the employees, or by the employers on behalf of the employees, the rate, time and manner of payment of such contributions, and the manner in which such contributions or part thereof shall be recovered from employees.

3. The payment by the employer of such sums of money as may be considered necessary to meet the cost of administering the Fund and the rate at which and the manner in which it shall be paid.

4. The constitution of a Board of Trustees consisting of nominees of the Central Government and representatives of employers and employees nominated by the Central Government in consultation with the representative organisations concerned, subject to the condition that the number of the representatives of the employees shall not be less than the number of the representatives of the employers; the number of Trustees and the terms and conditions under which they may be nominated, and the time, place and procedure of meetings of the Board.

5. The appointment of officers and servants of the Board and the opening of regional and other offices.

6. The manner in which accounts shall be kept, the investment of moneys belonging to the Fund, the preparation of a budget, the audit of accounts and the submission of reports to the Central Government.

7. The conditions under which withdrawals from the Fund may be permitted and any deduction or forfeiture may be made and the maximum amount of such deduction or forfeiture.

8. The fixation of the rate of interest payable to members by the Central Government in consultation with the Board of Trustees.

9. The form in which an employee' shall furnish particulars about himself and his family when required.

10. The nomination of a person to receive the amount standing to the credit of a member after his death and the cancellation or the change of such nomination.

11. The registers and records to be maintained by the employer and the returns to be furnished by him.

12. The form or design of an identity card or a token or a disc for purposes of identifying any employee and for the issue, custody and replacement thereof.

13. The fees to be levied for any of the purposes specified in this Schedule.

14. Any other matter which may be necessary or proper for the purpose of implementing the Coal Mines Provident Fund Scheme.

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