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Power of seizure

1 {7-A.Power of seizure- (1) Where a film in respect of which no certificate has been granted under this Act is exhibited, or a film certified as suitable for public exhibition restricted to adults is exhibited to any person who is not an adult or a film is exhibited in contravention of any of the other provisions contained in this Act or of any order made by the Central Government, [the Tribunal(Note:- Ins. by Act 49 of 1981 (w.e.f. 1-6-1983)] or the Board in the exercise of any of the powers conferred on it, any public officer may,(Note:- Omitted by abid) enter any place in which he has reason to believe that the film has been or is being or is likely to be exhibited , search it and seize the film.

(2) All searches under this Act shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the (Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973) ( 2 of 1974) relating to searches.}

1. Inserted by Cinematograph (AMENDMENT) Act, 1959

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