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2. Definitions - In this Act, unless the context other wise requires,-

(a) "Adult" means a person who has completed his eighteenth year

(b) [(Note:- Subs. by Act No.49 of 1981(w.e.f. 1-6-1983) "Board" means the Board of Film Certification constituted by the Central Government under Section 3]

(bb) [(Note:- Ins. by ibid) "certificate" mean the certificate granted by the Board under Section 5-A.]

(c) "Cinematograph" includes any apparatus for the representation of moving pictures or series of pictures,

(d) "District magistrate" in relation to presidency town, means the commissioner of police.

1 [(dd) "film" means a cinematograph film.]

(e) "Place" includes a house, building, tent and any description of transport, whether by sea, land or air,

(f)  "Prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act.

(g)  [(Note:- Ins. by ibid) "regional officer" means a regional officer appointed by the Central Government under Section 5 and includes an additional regional officer and an assistant regional officer.]

(h)  [(Note:- Ins. by ibid) "Tribunal" means the Appellate Tribunal constituted under Section 5-D.]

1. Inserted by Cinematograph (AMENDMENT) Act, 1959

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