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The provisions of sub-section (1) of section 3 shall not apply to a person while receiving instructions or gaining experience in driving with the object of presenting himself for a test of competence to drive, so long as-

(a) such person is the holder of an effective learner's licence issued to him in Form 3 to drive the vehicle;

(b) such person is accompanied by an instructor holding an effective driving licence to drive the vehicle and such instructor is sitting in such a position to control or stop the vehicle; and

(c) there is painted, in the front and the rear of the vehicle or on a plate or card affixed to the front and the rear, the letter "L" in red on a white background as under:


Note.- The painting on the vehicle or on ht place or card shall not be less than 18 centimetres squares and the letter "L" shall not be less than 10 centimetres high, 2 centimetres thick and 9 centimetres wide at the bottom.

Provided that a person, while receiving instructions or gaining experience in driving a motorcycle (with or without a sider-car attached), shall not carry any other person on the motorcycle except for the purpose and in the manner referred to in clause (b).

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