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Procedure if cattle be not claimed within a week

If the cattle be not claimed within seven days from the date of their being impounded, the pound-keeper shall report the fact to the officer in charge of the nearest police station or to such other officer as the Magistrate of the District appoints in this behalf.

Such officer shall thereupon stick up in a conspicuous part of his office a notice stating-

(a) the number and description of the cattle,

(b) the place where they were seized,

(c) the place where they are impounded,

and shall cause proclamation of the same to be made by beat of drum in the village at the market place nearest to the place of seizure.

If the cattle be not claimed within seven days from the date of the notice they shall be sold by public auction by the said officer, or an officer of his establishment deputed for that purpose, at such place and time and subject to such conditions as the Magistrate of the District by general or special order from time to time directs :

Provided that, if any such cattle are, in the opinion of the Magistrate of the District, not likely to fetch a fair price if sold as aforesaid, they may be disposed of in such manner as he thinks fit.

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