Careers at LawyerServices

LawyerServices values mindsets and skills alike. We are a motivated team and like to work with like-minded people. At LawyerServices, an innovative mind has every support that it deserves. Focus and enthusiasm must compliment your skills. We believe in growing together. Each and every person associated with LawyerServices has inputs that make the final product / service. Each and every person feels, and will always be, a part of LawyerServices. We are what our team is.

Opportunities and not just given; they don't just come by; opportunities are created. Every LawyerServices team member thinks and works in a manner to create better opportunities for themselves and for the team. We help each other learn - be it new technologies or concepts or strategies. If you think you have it in you, to think and work on, out-of-the-box stuff; if you think your skills are valuable but are always willing to learn more; OR; if you think you want to grow fast with a growing company, please contact us with your resume, as per the below mentioned instructions.

There are various roles in each cateogry. We will interview for the appropriate role, based on the first screening interview. Depending on your skillset, you should email us, under one of these three categories.

Sales & Marketing

LawyerServies is looking for sales and marketing executives, managers etc., for our core in-house team as well as our associate partners and / or franchises. Prefered candidates will have, at least:-

  • A Bachelors Degree

  • MBA, or Masters Degree (for specific positions)

  • Experience in sales and/or marketing

  • Previous experience in client-facing situations

  • Good inter-personal skills

To apply, email info@LawyerServices with your resume and subject line "Resume Sales".

Legal & Paralegal

Majority of these professionals are in-house with LawyerServices, with very few exceptions. Prefered candidates will have, at least:-

  • A Bachelors in Law

  • LLM, or Masters Degree (specific roles)

  • Experience working with a legal firm (litigation or non-litigation)

  • Experience with legal drafting documentation (specific roles)

  • Thorough experience with legal research, case laws, Indian acts, etc

To apply, email info@LawyerServices with your resume and subject line "Resume Legal".


This team is the largest single team at LawyerServices. This team is entirely in-house and based primarily in Mumbai. To be a part of this team, canditates should have one or more of the following skills:-

  • A Bachelors Degree

  • Experience with HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, and Bootstrap or Foundation (must)

  • Significant Experience with PHP-MySQL on, at least one IDE

  • Professional skillset with Classic ASP (specific roles)

  • Experience with .NET and MS-SQL, and BOL

  • Experience with Big Data (pref Hadoop)

  • Experience with search engines

To apply, email info@LawyerServices with your resume and subject line "Resume Tech".