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Section 216   [ View Judgements ]

Power to close or limit the use of private drains in certain cases

Where a drain connecting any premises with a cantonment drain is sufficient for the effectual drainage of such premises and is otherwise unobjectionable but is not in the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer, adapted to the general system of drainage in the cantonment, he may, by written notice addressed to the owner of the premises, direct-

(a) that such drain be closed, discontinued or destroyed and that any work necessary for that purpose be done; or

(b) that such drain shall, from such date as may be specified in the notice in this behalf, be used for filth and polluted water only or for rain water and unpolluted subsoil water only:

Provided that:- (i) no drain may be closed, discontinued or destroyed by the Chief Executive Officer under clause (a) except on condition of his providing another drain equally effectual for the drainage of the premises and communicating with any cantonment drain which he thinks fit; and

(ii) the expenses of the construction of any drain so provided by the Board and of any work done under clause (a) may be paid out of the cantonment fund.

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