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Section 178   [ View Judgements ]

Maintenance or aiding of hospitals or dispensaries

(1) A Board may-

(a) provide and maintain either within or without the cantonment as many hospitals and dispensaries as it thinks fit; or

(b) make, upon such terms as it thinks fit to impose, a grant-in-aid to any hospital or dispensary or veterinary hospital, whether within or without the cantonment, not maintained by it.

(2) Every hospital or dispensary maintained or aided under sub-section (1) shall have attached to it a ward or wards for the treatment of persons suffering from infectious or contagious diseases.

(3) The Medical Officer appointed by the Board shall be in-charge of every Hospital and dispensary maintained or aided under this section and be responsible to the Health Officer for medical activities and to the Chief Executive Officer for over all administrative activities of the hospital.

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