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Section 11   [ View Judgements ]

Amendment of section 5 of Mah. III of 1978

In section 5 of the Employees of Private Schools (Conditions of Service) Regulation Act,-

(a) in sub-section (2), after the words "permanent vacancy" the words "except shikshan sevak" shall be inserted;

(b) to sub-section (2), the following proviso shall be added, namely :-

"Provided that, every person appointed as shikshan sevak shall be on probation for a period of three years.";

(c) after sub-section (2), the following sub-section shall be inserted, namely :-

"(2A) Subject to the provisions of sub-sections (3) and (4), shikshan sevak shall, on completion of the probation period of three years, be deemed to have been appointed and confirmed as a teacher.";

(d) in sub-section (3), after the words "or salary" the words "or honorarium" shall be inserted.

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