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Duty of Registrars as to sending certified copies of entries in register books to Registrar General

(1) Every Registrar of Births and Deaths in [1] Part A States or Part C States shall send to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the territories within which the local area or class for which he is appointed is situate or resides, at the prescribed intervals, a true copy certified by him, in the prescribed form, of all the entries of births and deaths in the register book kept by him since the last of those intervals:

Provided that in the case of Registrars of Births and Deaths who are clergymen of the Churches of England, Rome and Scotland, the Registrar may, if so directed by his ecclesiastical superior, send the certified copies in the first instance to that superior, who shall send them to the proper Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriage

In this sub-section " Church of England " and " Church of Scot land " mean the Church of England and the Church of Scotland a by law established respectively; and " Church of Rome " means the Church which- regards the Pope of Rome as its spiritual head.




1. Substituted by the Adaptation of Laws Order, 1950 for " the Provinces ".

2. Sub-section (2) was Repealed by the Adaptation of Laws Order, 1950 .

3. The proviso, added by Act 38 of 1920, Section 2 and Schedule I, Repealed by the Government of India (Adaptation of Indian Laws) Order, 1937 as modified by the Government of India (Adaptation of Indian Laws) Supplementary Order, 1937

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