21(1) The Bureau shall consist of the following members, namely

(a) the Minister incharge of the Ministry or Department of the Central Government having administrative control of the Bureau who shall be ex-officio President of the Bureau;

(b) the Minister of State or a Deputy Minister, if any, in the Ministry or department of the Central Government having administrative control of Bureau who shall be ex-officio Vice-President of the Bureau, and where there is no such Minister of Stale or Deputy Minister, such person as may be nominated by the Central Government to be the Vice- President of the Bureau;

(c) the Secretary to the Government of India in charge of the Ministry or Department' of the Central Government having administrative control of the Bureau ex-officio;

(d) the Director General ofthe Bureau ex-officio;

(e) five members of the Parliament of whom three shall be from the House of the People and two from the Council of States;

(f) ten persons representing the Ministries and Department of the Central Governemnt dealing with important subjects of interest to the Bureau;

(g) five representative-one each from five zones of State Government and the Union Territories on rotation basis who shall be,-

(i) the Minister in charge of the Department having administrative control over quality and standards in the case of States and Union Territories having a Council of Minister; and

(ii) the Administrator or the Chief Executive Councillor, as the case may be, in the case of Union Territories; not having a Council of Ministers;

(h) ten persons either representing recognized Consumer Organisations, which in the opinion of the Central Government are active and effective in their operations, or are in the opinion of that Government capable of representing consumer interests;

(i) two persons, in the opinion of the Central Government, who are capable of representing farmers' interests, to be nominated from amongst farmers or farmers associations;

(j) twenty four persons representing the industry and trade and their associations, public sector enterprises and small scale sectors to be chosen as follow:-

(i) Presidents of right industry associations or federations of all India level including at least two associations or federations of small scale industries;

(ii) Chief Executives of eight Central or Slate Public Enterprises related to subjects of 'importance to the bureau;

(iii) Chairman or Managing Directors of six industrial organisations other than the public sector;

(iv) Chairman or Proprietors of two small scale industrial units operating the Bureau of Indian Standards Certification Scheme;

(k) five persons representing the scientific and research institutions related to subject of importance to the Bureau;

(l) five persons representing the technical, education and professional organisations to be chosen from amongst representatives of profession! bodies, educational and technical institutions related to subjects of importance to the Bureau."

(2) The Bureau may, on the recommendations of the Director-General25[associate persons not exceeding fifteen to assist] or advise in the fields of science and technology including environmental control, energy conservation, import substitution, transfer of technology and other areas of emerging technology.

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