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( 1 ) After examining the claims, the Commissioner shall Fix a certain date on or before which every claimant shall file the proof of his claim or be excluded from the benefit of the disbursements made by the Commissioner.

(2) Not less than fourteen days' notice of the date so fixed shall be given by advertisement. in one issue of the daily newspaper in the English language and in one issue of such daily newspaper in the regional language as the Commissioner may consider suitable, and every such notice shall call upon the claimant to file the proof of his claim with the Commissioner within the time specified in the advertisement.

(3) Every claimant, who fails to file the proof of his claim within the time specified by the Commissioner, shall be excluded from the disbursements made by the Commissioner.

(4) The Commissioner shall, after such investigation as may in his opinion, be necessary, and after giving the Company an opportunity of refuting the claim and after giving the claimant a reasonable opportunity of being heard, in writing, admit or reject the claim in whole or in part.

(5) The Commissioner shall have the power to regulate his own procedure in all matters arising out of the discharge of his functions, including the place .or places at which he will hold his sittings and shall, for the purpose of making an investigation under this Act, have the same powers as are tested in a Civil Court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908-, while trying a suit, in respect of the following matters, namely:-_

(a) the summoning and enforcing the attendance of any witness and examining him on oath:

(b) the discovery and production of any document or other material object producible as evidence:

(c) the reception of evidence on affidavits:

(d) the issuing of any commission for the examination of witnesses.

(6) Any investigation before the Commissioner shall be deemed to be a judicial proceeding within

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