Section 53   [ View Judgements ]


Subject to the provisions of section 54-, a Commandant or such other officer as is, with the consent of Central Government, specified by the Director-General may, in the prescribed manner, proceed against a person Subject to this Act, otherwise than as an officer or a subordinate officer, who if charged with an offence under this Act and award such person, to the extent prescribed, one or more of the fallowing punishments, that is to say,-

(a) imprisonment in Force custody up to twenty-eight days;

(b) detention up to twenty-eight days;

(c) confinement to the lines up to twenty-eight days;

(d) extra guards or duties;

(e) deprivation of any special position or special emoluments or any acting rank or reduction to a lower grade of pay

(f) forfeiture of good service and good conduct pay;

(g) severe reprimand or reprimand;

(h) fine up to fourteen days' pay in any one month;

(i) deductions from his pay of any sum required to make good such compensation for any expense, loss, damage or destruction caused by him to the Central Government, or to any building or property

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