Section 64   [ View Judgements ]

Evidence as to age

(1) When an act or omission would, if a person were under or over a certain age, be an offence punishable under this Act, and such person is in the opinion of the Court apparently under or over such age, the burden shall be on accused to prove that such person is not under or over such age.

(2) A declaration in writing by a [1] qualified medical practitioner relating to an employee that he has personally examined him and believes him to be under or over the age set forth in such declaration shall, for the purposes of this Act, be admissible as evidence of the age of the employee.

Explanation. - For the purposes of this section, a [2] qualified medical practitioner shall have the same meaning as in the Factories Act,1948, (LXIII of 1948).

1. Substituted by Mah. 64 of 1977, Section 22

2. Substituted by Bombay 17 of 1949, Section 3.

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