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RULE 6:Disposal to be deferred till period of appeal has expired except in certain cases

The sale or other disposal of confiscated articles shall be deferred till the period of appeal against the order of confiscation has expired or, if an appeal is made against such order till the appeal be finally disposed of

Provided that

(a) in the case of any confiscated animal, the sale shall not be so deferred unless the owner thereof deposits with the Collector such sum as that Officer deems to be sufficient for the keeping of such animal till the end of the period required for preferring an appeal or till the disposal of such appeal, as the case may be

(b) if the thing confiscated be liable to speedy and natural decay, or if the disposal thereof would be for the benefit of the owner it may be sold immediately ; provided that if the sale of such thing is not advantageous to the owner, the Collector may direct it to be destroyed.

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